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St Faith’s Lane, Norwich, NR1 address providing various mail handling services.

What’s a Virtual Office Address?

An address that belongs to a company who have in place the appropriate processes and compliance measures that allow other companies to use it as though it were their own.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Office Address?

Virtual Office Addresses provide many of the benefits of having a physical office at only a tiny fraction of the cost!

  1. Your company appears to have a City Centre office giving your clients the impression you’re a larger organisation.
  2. Google (and other search engines) use your address as part of their search algorithms. If someone in Norwich searches for a tradesman and you live in the suburbs, even if you state on your page that you cover Norwich, the algorithms will rate you below someone whose trading address is more local.
  3. We can handle your mail for you. Whether you just want us to hold onto it until you collect it, mail it onto you or scan and action it, or various levels in between, we can make your life easier and more organised.
  4. Give your business a ‘presence’ in a second location. For example, if you’re based in Cambridge but want to target the Norwich market you can use our address to be close to your target clients. Set your Google My Business address to ours and be found in Norwich on Google Searches. (Right now we only have our Norwich office but hope soon to have many more locations – in the meantime, please contact us for details on our virtual office partners who cover much of the UK.)

Are there different types of Virtual (Office) Address?

Broadly speaking there are four types of address that a business and its senior management might require. In many instances, some, or even all of these might be the same address.

Correspondence Address(es)

Given to customers or suppliers to send documentation to. A company might have multiple correspondence addresses for separate departments such as Accounts, or Marketing.

Trading Address(es)

Customer-facing activities are typically carried out from Trading Address(es). A company’s regional offices, a retailer’s shop, or a manufacturer’s factory are good examples. If a company expects stakeholders to visit their premises, this is the address they would publish on their business cards, letterheads, website, etc.

Registered Office Address

A company will only have one of these and this is quite an important address. It’s the address that you register on Companies House as being the ‘official’ address of the company. Authorities would expect to be given absolute clarity on all the other addresses a company has and, crucially, the residential address(es) of the company’s director(s) if they went to this address. It is also the primary address HMRC will use to correspond with the company.

Director’s Service Address

This is the address that is published on Companies House as being the address to correspond with a given director on. It legally may not be a PO box but does not have to be the director’s residence so should the director wish to protect the privacy, identity and location of their family, they can use another. However, there is an expectation from the authorities that should this address be visited, locating the true location of a director would be immediately possible.

In many instances, the first two are treated as the same thing and because the administrative overheads for the latter two are also similar, virtual address providers tend to group them together too. At Delocate we also follow this logic.

What happens to my post?

We offer a range of mail handling services that are designed to save you time and improve your organisation.

Pricing and Terms

  • Use of address as a Trading / Correspondence Address to publicise on your website, business cards, invoices, etc.
    • Paid monthly: £27.50+VAT per calendar month
    • Paid annually: £275+VAT per annum
  • Additionally, i.e. you must also have the above agreement in place, use of address as a Registered or Director’s Service Address to publicise on Companies House.
    • Paid monthly: £7.50+VAT per calendar month
    • Paid annually: £75+VAT per annum
  • Set up fee
    • One-off: £10+VAT

Contracts renew monthly or annually in line with the payment frequency chosen. Cancellation must be in writing one calendar month before the renewal date. Otherwise, there is no minimum term.

Please note: The Virtual Address for our clients is NOT the same as our trading address shown on this site.