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We offer an ever-increasing range of services to help you run and grow your business. Some of our clients just want our help taking calls they don’t manage to answer first. Others leave their entire admin stack to us while they focus entirely on their core strengths. Some even do this from a beach the other side of the planet! We also appreciate that sometimes our customers want a little help to learn how to do things themselves. We’re really happy to work with you and share our knowledge if that’s how you’d like to approach things too – just let us know – we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

Virtual Address

Use our office address as though it were your own. Appear to be in the centre of Norwich, rank higher on search engines for a greater number of searches, keep your home address private or let us handle all your mail. There’s plenty of reasons to Delocate to our office!

Administrative Services

Do you need some help with administrative tasks or business management activities that are not within your area of expertise or are you simply too busy serving your customers with your core products? Our professionals are far more than just VA’s. Check out everything they can do and give them a try for a job or two – we’re confident you’ll be impressed with their work.

Web Design

Your website is often the first contact a prospective customer will have with you (as long as they can find it!) We understand you need to make a good impression to customers and search engines alike in order for your site to be successful.

Business Consultancy

We exist to help small businesses flourish. Our business strategists can advise on and, if you wish, assist with embedding and improving business processes, marketing strategy, branding, and many other aspects of growing a business. Check out some of the things we regularly help with or get in touch to see if we’ve any experience with a particular issue you have. We love to help and are always happy to recommend someone to you if you need help with something outside of our skill-set.

Other Business Services

Not everything can be easily categorised. One such example is bookkeeping – who would want to be associated with that?! Our bookkeeper is a legend and we felt selfish keeping him to ourselves so now you can use him for his accounting prowess too. Oh, and we can also make up packages of all our services or invent new one’s if we have the skills within the team! Just get in touch and we’ll help you out!

Coworking Space

What exactly is Coworking? Coworking (or co-working) is working in an office with other people that are not members of one’s own business or team. Indeed, a large proportion of those that use coworking space are the only member of their organisation! Facilities such as meeting rooms, office equipment and furniture, and even internet access …