Using our Norwich City Centre address has numerous advantages that you can read more about on our Virtual Office Address page. One of them is the ability to use our mail-handling service. This is designed to save you time and provides the opportunity to improve the organisation of your paperwork. Rather than just hold your mail for you to collect, we also offer physical and digital relay services. The physical relay service is simply that we will forward mail and packages received onto your preferred address while digital is scanned and forwarded electronically. There are various options available whichever solution you choose.

Pricing¹ and package information
Monthly² Annually² Pay-as-you-go or additional items
Send mail services
Send letter
Send an envelope containing one or many documents or received envelopes.
£0.60 + postage costs
Send a (consignment of) parcel(s).
Parcels can be sent internationally so we are happy to take delivery of shopping orders placed from UK merchants and send them on. (Please note we can only deal with parcels that can be handled by one person.).
£5.00 (plus shipping costs)³
Receive mail services
Please note that to receive any mail at our address you must have a Virtual Address agreement in place with us.
Receive a letter FoC
Receive a (consignment of) parcel(s)
We will notify you of any parcels we receive on your behalf and we can either forward them on, (see below) or store them for a short time for you to collect. (Please, note that we are only able to receive parcels that can be handled by one person and we have limited storage space so please ensure parcels are collected promptly.)
Simple Scan
Each day you receive mail, all items will be scanned as one searchable PDF file and sent to you.
£14 £140 £0.90
Separate Scan
Rather than scanning all mail together, each item will be scanned as a separate searchable PDF file and sent to you.
£24 £240 £1.00
Super Scan
Documents will be filed on your cloud storage as appropriate. Bills will be sent to your accounting software, letters filed in the appropriate folders and a summary email sent to you detailing what was received and what action was taken.
£50 £500 £1.20
Deposit cheques
Any cheques received will be taken for deposit every Wednesday. (Price is for one or many cheques paid into the same account.)

¹As the majority of our customers are VAT registered prices are shown exclusive of VAT. ²Packages are subject to a ‘fair use’ policy. ³We endeavour to use the most cost-effective service we trust.