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Time’s the ultimate ‘limited resource’. We should spend it on what matters most – our family, friends, travelling the world and the parts of our business that are our ‘Income Generating Tasks’ or ‘Core Skills’.

We not only help you do this with our office services but provide consultancy services to further assist you in concentrating only on your core strengths. A great way to look at this is discussed by Rob Moore in his excellent book ‘Life Leverage’. You should establish what your key Income Generating Tasks are and focus on them, outsourcing everything else. To facilitate deciding exactly what tasks you should let go of you should continually re-evaluate your Income Generating Value. Your IGV is essentially how much you are worth are worth per hour. So, if you work out that you’re worth £20 per hour, you should absolutely outsource cleaning your house to someone that does it for £10 an hour. If you repeatedly carry out this process, outsourcing everything that is below or equivalent to your IGV, your IGV gradually creeps up. Similarly, but less obvious, if your time is worth £20 per hour and you have a task to do that you’re not very slick at and it will take you six hours, you should outsource that task to someone at £30 per hour as long as it takes them less than four hours.