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Why you should choose Delocate for your web design project

Put simply; because we believe our approach to web design will result in a website that receives more traffic, excels at lead generation, and creates you more business than a site made by someone else. We feel confident of this because we put your business activities front and centre of the web design process and build the appearance you want on top of that framework. This means our sites have your business at their very core. Moreover, we don’t send one of our web developers to meet with you, we send one of our business analysts to ensure we truly understand your business needs. (Yes, we meet you in person whenever possible as this has proved pivotal in capturing an accurate understanding of you and your business. We feel this approach is so valuable that we’re happy to travel all over East Anglia, and even beyond, from our base in Norwich, Norfolk to make sure your site really is second to none. Once your site is complete we can meet you again to show you how to edit your site and explain how everything works.) Once your site has been designed and built we host it in a Content Management System that allows you to make changes to your site content with ease.

A perfect partnership

Over the years we’ve worked with a number of different web-developers. Eventually, we worked with a web design company based here in Norfolk that delivered a site that stood apart from all the work we’d had done for us before. The website was created in a way that made it easy for us to maintain it while still being a good-looking site. The code was easy for anyone who knows a bit about web-development to understand and change. It was lean, fast and professional. We decided we wanted to work more with these guys so we went into partnership with them and created Website Builders, our partner company.

What this means for you is threefold:

  1. You get the business oriented skills of Delocate backed up by our team of excellent developers, many of whom have been building and promoting websites for over 20 years.
  2. There is a team of people building and maintaining your website. Crucially, not just one person who might go off on holiday just when you need them or decide maintaining websites is not something they’re particularly interested in any longer!
  3. In addition to our own team of web-design professionals we have copy writers, photographers, graphic designers, SEO specialists- the works- too. You need not compromise by using one person who can just about do all of these things – our team are all specialists.

Our process

Web design process - exploration

1. Explore

We take time with you to fully understand your organisation and what your website needs to achieve for your business in order to be successful. For Search Engine Optimisation to be effective, your site needs to be built, from the ground up, with your business’ objectives in mind.

2. Design

We know how to make websites effective and will advise you on the best design to meet your and your customer’s needs whilst also having the feel and appearance you want.

3. Build

We communicate with you frequently while we build your website so you are involved at every stage and can make adjustments as you see fit. We ensure you’re always confident you’re going to get the site you want.

4. Test & Approve

We test your website to make sure it behaves and works as expected and then seek your final approval that it’s as you would like it.

5. Deliver

Once you’re happy that there are no further adjustments to be made, we will promote the site to ‘live’.

6. Evaluation

Once your site is live we keep a close eye on it to make sure it’s doing exactly what it should and make any minor tweaks necessary.

Let’s talk!

If you’d like to have a chat to learn more or talk with us about your web design requirements please message us or call us on 01603-555-208