We offer consultancy and project management services in a range of areas though we specialise in the following:

Project ManagementBusiness Systems & ProcessesBusiness StrategyPositioningProduct or Service LaunchDigital Presence Audit

Project Management Norwich

Project Management

There’s no substitute for deep understanding.
A Project Manager is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve the desired outcome and meet specific success criteria at a specified time. There’s no denying that such a role is best filled by someone who knows an organisation inside-out but if you’re a small business whose team are already fully deployed on other tasks we can offer a safe pair of hands for small projects. Immersing ourselves in our clients’ organisations and truly understanding them is second nature to us and we are expert at extracting the information we need to work on our client’s behalves.

Business Consultancy Norfolk

Business Systems & Processes

Robust approaches to how you do business is what sets you apart from your competition.
Generating leads for your business costs time and money, the last thing you want is for your systems and processes to allow those leads to fall through the cracks. We have significant experience with, and thus understanding of, the implementation of systems and processes and are able to assist you in ensuring your business is running efficiently and robustly thus saving you time carrying out tasks that can be automated and providing you with peace of mind that your client data is safe and secure.

Business Consultancy

Business Strategy

Two heads are better than one.
A business strategy consultant can help you with the strategic planning for your business. We start the process, as we do most others, with a no-obligation consultancy call. In that call we take time to first understand the current situation you and your business are in and then work with you to formulate where you want to get to taking into account your unique situation. Once understood we will create a proposal for your consideration and if our proposal resonates with you we will then move to actively helping you implement those changes.

Business Consultancy Norwich


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
Your brand is so much more than the logo on your business card or the primary colour of your website. Your brand is your story, your business ethos, your outward projection of your business’ values. We work to understand you and your business, however established, and then collaborate with you to really understand, define, and publicise your brand.

Project Management Norfolk

Product or Service Launch

“From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.”
The launch of a new product or service is extremely important to you and your business; not only does your approach create a critical first impression to your target market, the success of your strategy can make a huge impact to your cash-flow and even define the success or failure of the product in the market. Clients have engaged us for as little as writing the copy of a leaflet they wish to circulate to asking us to build a full social media based sales funnel.
We can guide you with designing your launch sequence or implement the whole thing for you. So whether you simply need a second opinion or want a full launch designed and implemented, give us a call as we’d love to help.

Digital Presence Audit

Digital Presence Audit

A comprehensive analysis and report of your online presence.
The internet is the first place most people now turn when researching the availability of a product or service. Many still use a search engine such as Google, others ask for recommendations on social media but one way or another they will end up looking at your website and social media profiles. It would be our pleasure to help you ensure that these assets convert prospective clients so please get in touch and we’ll discuss your options.