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Serviced Offices

Delocate offer fully equipped serviced offices across Norwich. The offices are all finished to a high, modern standard. They provide the flexibility to grow, downsize, or even relocate. There are no ‘hidden fees’ in our serviced office licence. Licensees are not responsible for the repair, maintenance or insurance of the building giving peace of mind that a lease cannot.

All of our serviced offices include the following:

  • Kitchen Space
  • Break-out areas
  • Meeting room access (accommodating from 1 person to 20+)

Rented Offices

We can also help if you are looking to commit to number of years in one office. If you’re confident your team will remain a fixed size for years then a rented property may be better for you. We are able to advise on the pitfalls of leasehold agreements and the relative benefits they have other other mechanisms of securing a work-space for you and your team. If a rented office is right for you, we are well connected to be able to assist you with securing a property. We’ll assist you negotiate the right price and a lease agreement that is fair for both parties and doesn’t contain any nasty surprises!

Rent / Rates Mitigation

If you are a landlord seeking tenants, or a tenant in a property that is oversized for you, please do get in touch as we are able to help fill appropriate office space with tenants or licencees, often very quickly.