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What exactly is Coworking?

Coworking (or co-working) is working in an office with other people that are not members of one’s own business or team. Indeed, a large proportion of those that use coworking space are the only member of their organisation! Facilities such as meeting rooms, office equipment and furniture, and even internet access are shared to enable efficiencies of cost for their users.

Why you should consider coworking:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Less distraction
  • Increased well-being and social interaction
  • Flexibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Promotes business growth
  • Gives more professional image
  • Be inspired by others and inspire them in return
  • Yields opportunity for collaboration
  • Allows you to expand your network

What makes Delocate coworking space special?

  • An often cited dictionary example of the use of the word ‘coworking’ is

    “the whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.”

    While we absolutely agree in principle, there’s a little bit left to chance in just letting “ideas collide”! To that end we organise regular ‘clinics’ in which we discuss each others businesses and actively encourage networking through regular socials to provide a little more structure and less chance. An overarching purpose for us is to have a thriving community.

  • As a business support company, we provide more than just office space. It’s our passion to assist business owners in their quest for success and we’re right here in the building with you to make that a reality.
  • We are lucky enough to have established an incredible network of people around us in business and we would love to share their collective knowledge and expertise with you.

What’s included:

All desks:

  • Flexible rental of desk space (see Prices below for more information)
  • Internet access – 100Mb up and down
  • Breakout areas perfect for impromptu meetings or having a break
  • Laptop riser, keyboard and mouse to allow you to work comfortably whilst travelling light
  • Free printing¹
  • Scanner
  • Document shredder
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Tea, coffee, milk, sugar
  • Regular events

Full-time dedicated desks only:

  • Lockable drawer pedestal
  • Weekend access
  • Virtual Trading Address
  • Exemption from ‘clear-desk’ policy


Impromptu ‘hot desk’

Rent a desk whenever you need it – just call and book.

Duration Price (+ VAT)
Half a day (08:00-13:00 / 13:00-18:00) £15
Full day (08:00-18:00) £20

Regular ‘hot desk’

Rent a desk the same day(s) every week.

Days per week Price pcm (+ VAT)
1 day per week £49
2 days per week £84
3 days per week £117
4 days per week £149
5 days per week £178
Full time (24/7) (Dedicated (not ‘hot’) desk) £220

Let’s talk!

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¹ Fair use policy