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If we’re to do better than ‘ordinary’ we must do things ordinary people will not. For this reason, it’s often cited that in order to have unusual amounts of success we must begin operating outside of our comfort zones where most people dare not venture. Of course, this isn’t easy but these are some of the things we try to do to help us:

1. Understand WHY we are doing it. Really why. Not ‘to make money’. Not ‘to go on lots of holidays’. Some answers from within the Delocate office are “because I want to leave the world a better place than when I joined it”, “because life has no meaning if not that I should push the envelope and do the best that I can do.”

2. Have clarity in what steps we’re going to take to achieve our vision and really understand the purpose of each step.

3. Build self-development into our lifestyle; we listen to audiobooks when we drive, try(!) to hit the gym every morning and keep a journal of events and the impact they have on us.