What exactly does Delocate do?

Broadly, two things:

  1. We provide you with a city-centre address which has a range of benefits.
  2. We provide your team with business and administrative experts without you actually employing any new staff.

Why “Delocate”?

We chose the name Delocate for a few reasons:

  1. Our Virtual Address service allows our clients to be located anywhere while still having a professional city-centre address. Some of our clients even travel the world, working from their laptop, while we handle all their office work.
  2. We take work off your desk; you can Delegate almost anything to our team and be impressed at the result!
  3. We intend to have multiple offices around the country and once we do you will be able to move your address to any of them allowing you to Relocate at will. Of course, you could also have an address at all of our sites and look like a multi-branch national company if you so wish, while actually touring Australia; that’s true Delocating!

What’s an example of a typical Delocate client?

Broadly, two types:

  1. Folks that operate a small business from home and in particular those that spend much of their day ‘on the job’ such as tradesmen.
  2. Those whose business has grown and they can see that they either need to employ someone to handle certain aspects of their business or they would have to take time away from their core skills to do business-management or administrative tasks.

Why should I use Delocate?

Again, two primary reasons:

  1. We give your business a professional veneer, and your family an added degree of privacy, with our city centre address. We can also handle all your mail including depositing cheques and filing receipts to your accounting software.
  2. Using Delocate allows you to grow your businesses and the skillsets within it without worrying about interviewing and ultimately employing staff and dealing with all the complexities and expenses they bring. You can use our team on a part-time basis meaning you can engage us for help as soon as you have work to do rather than having to wait until you have many hours of work to be done.

Are there contractual periods?

All of our services are available either on one-month subscriptions or as one-off projects. This means you’re not tied into anything and can try us out without commitment. (That said, we enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients; we’re sure you’ll stick around once you’ve used us once!)
We also offer twelve-month contracts at a reduced rate. Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing at least 15 days prior to your next billing date.