You didn’t get into business because you wanted to work crazy hours. You didn’t do it thinking your relationship with your family could suffer. You didn’t do it because you liked the idea of doing what you’re good at only half the time. (The rest doing ‘paperwork’.) You definitely didn’t do it to be tired and frustrated. You did it because you’re good at Your Thing. You want to spend your time providing your clients with a great service using your skills– because satisfying others feels good.
We get it. That’s why we do this too. We want to help you serve your clients and, crucially, allow you to really enjoy doing Your Thing and make you and your family better off for doing so.


We do this in two ways.

  1. We provide a space and community for you to work in. We know how the distraction of working from home and the isolation of being self-employed can be far from productive.
  2. We help you focus on Your Thing. We assist you with the low-value, repetitive admin-type tasks you shouldn’t be spending your valuable time doing and we actively work with you to drive your business forward.


As a family-owned company that itself classifies as a ‘micro-business’ and where we, the business owners, are involved in all aspects of the business, you can be assured you’ll be dealing with people that care deeply about helping you and developing your business with you. That’s Our Thing!